Shedding the Pounds of Pain

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One fine day when I was sitting at home with a luscious, gooey piece of chocolate truffle cake I was looking at my old pictures. The ones before my pregnancy to be precise. That very moment I felt a sharp pang of guilt. I could only adore that beautiful, slender and thin waistline and I wished to get it back. Pregnancy, childbirth and every moment after that can pretty much make a mess out of you and your body if you do not take good care of yourself. Back then when I was pregnant I loved my changing body, my gradually growing belly but, right now at this exact moment if given a chance I would surely go back in time and undo a lot of things. By then my cake was already in my tummy happily adding on an extra layer of fat.

I know I am not the only lady who has this unending complaint. If I move around taking a poll I am sure that India’s elections will not gather as many votes as I will get for this statement of mine. Zero figure and being thin has been over exaggerated by our good old bollywood which plays a major role in our lives. I wonder how on earth do these actresses look so atrociously beautiful one day post their delivery. Let alone posing and flashing their best smiles ever. On the flip side, I was in a totally different condition. I could barely walk on the second day of my delivery, my long tresses were in their worst state and I had these sharp, blinding pains in my tummy and hands (thanks to the innumerable IV bottles). And oh! how can I forget. I was also dealing with a lactation and breastfeeding issue. In short, I was a walking talking zombie. That kept people at a safe distance from me and thankfully no one asked me to pose for pictures.

So, after a few months (when I was in a sane state of mind) I thought of starting some form of exercise to lose that stubborn layer of fat on my body. That too failed miserably due to sleeping and eating patterns and managing the home and baby etc. There! I went back once again into my shell of excuses and procrastination. Did I forget to tell you about my self esteem and confidence levels ? These words did not even exist in my dictionary back then. But, yes the cakes and the junk and maggi were still my best friends.

Finally, when I had to go out for a party and my baby was old enough to be taken out I realized the pile of mess I had created for myself. I had a cupboard full of clothes. Trendy, stylish and pretty ones I must say but, I couldn’t even get into one of them. I secretly hoped and wished and prayed while trying each outfit that at least one would fit me or worse yet my body would just miraculously shrink. That is what happens when nothing works. You tend to call god. But, what can he do? He tried to warn you through your conscience when you were greedily gulping down that last pani puri but, you chose to ignore him. So, let us give him a break this time.

The icing on the cake was once again those pesky acquaintances who never missed a chance to comment on my weight and my fitness (who by the way need to take a good second look at themselves) by saying things like “you looked so delicate on your wedding day” “fat doesn’t suit you” etc. I chose to completely ignore them though and this works like magic. Closing my eyes and throwing them off a cliff in my mind’s eye was so satiating. Please do try this once and I know you will thank me for it.

After a lot of trial and errors and more errors, I have embarked upon my much coveted weight loss journey for which “I am joining Saffola#ApneTareekeSeHealthy and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda. I still have a huge pile of obstacles but, I am holding on with a strong will power and am slowly getting back to the confident me. A few simple changes in your diet and lifestyle and some exercises is all you need. I love dancing so i have enrolled in a dance class three days a week for an hour. The icing on the cake is my toddler too loves to dance (has taken.after his mom in this trait) so, we both have a few minutes of dancing sessions daily. Its like a double deal for me wherein I get to work on my body and we both have our fun moments. I do not really follow a strict diet as I am a big time foodie but, yes I have surely started keeping a watch on what goes on my plate. Its a time taking process but, I am surely seeing the results and loving it 😊

Mommies, we all have been through the same emotions of feeling like a nothing and a no one but, trust me it is only you who can change that. Yes, a few loving and supportive friends and family members will make a lot of difference but, at the end of the day its only you who can turn the tables. I know it is difficult but, please take that step and do not coil yourself in a room of darkness else you will end up there for a very long time.

And remember, the next time someone body shames you, just smile at them (go that extra mile and thank them if you wish to) and go about minding your own business.

Food for Thought 

I was talking to my hubby sometime back and he was lamenting on how his week off is over already! “Ya” I said. It feels like it ended even before it could begin. Like a blink and miss feeling. I felt really bad for him and felt that he surely deserves a 2 day off work schedule to rejuvenate himself. Have been on that side of the fence so I exactly know how it feels.

Soon after that, my ever wandering mind started thinking (or over thinking I should say) as to when is my off day. And it seemed that the world came crashing down when I realised that I haven’t got a single day off in the past one and a half years (since my son’s birth). Previously I used to feel that I won’t survive if I don’t get atleast 10 hrs of sleep in a day. Who was I kidding? I have had days in the past year where I slept for just 3 hrs in the entire 24 hrs and yet I was up and about for the day with no time to breathe. Parenting does turn you into a zombie (thanks to the sleep deprivation) but, with a brain which is more than fully functional. Perks of parenting you could say.

Without whining too much let me get back on track to what was eating me. It could be the mother’s day effect but, I’m wondering as to when do our mothers get time for themselves. When is their week off ? When do they get that one day wherein they could just laze around in that comfy sofa while a plate full of aromatic, freshly cooked food awaits them? And I was once again aghast when I had no answer. A mother will never utter a word of protest while doing something for you. Right from staying up at night tending to your illness to cooking your favorite meal to accompanying you to that movie which you wanted to watch, you can always count on her. Many a times we get so busy that we forget to stop and ask her if she is sick or what’s her favourite dish or favourite movie. It is rightly said that you realise certain things only when you step into the other person’s shoes. I just did that. Happy realisation to me and to many of you out there. 

Cutting the long story short, lets give our mothers atleast that one day to just relax and unwind (you will be worshipped by me for a lifetime if you can manage to give her more than that). Free her from all the chores. Let her feel and live your life for that day. Let her laze on that couch with a remote in her hand and laugh out her guts or cry out loud watching that favorite tv show of hers, or go to a spa and get pampered or better yet, just meet her friends. This day is hers and you would be totally at her beck and call (I’m convinced by now that it is the mother’s day effect).

Disclaimer – I’m absolutely sure she won’t agree to do any of these but, make her believe that she too needs this day off.

Signing off here. Have a fantastic day all the mommies. Trust me, you all are doing a commendable job.

A special mention to my hubby for provoking this thought in my mind which pushed the lazy me to write one more blog.

Challenging the Stereotypes


It is a busy monday morning in a typical middle class family household where the husband is getting ready to rush for work, the wife (who also works by the way) is running the house errands at a lightning speed. The kids are getting ready for their school. It is 9.30 am and everyone is ready except for the lady of the house. She is still busy with the last minute chores (gathering all the used clothes and dumping them in the washing machine) and then comes the last warning call. “Mommy, hurry up else we are leaving. ” Completely tired and flustered she reaches for the dining table, grabs her jacket, the house keys, her purse and that soggy sandwich and says “ok hubby and kids, let’s leave.”

Could you visualise yourself in this scenario? If yes, then I would like to extend a warm welcome to you as yet another victim of gender inequality.

Right from the very beginning of time there have been these strange set of rules which entitle the women with all the housework whereas the men are the established bread winners. Surprisingly, it remains the same in this decade as well. So much for modernisation and equal rights ! Even today the womenfolk toil at home with hardly any support from the other family members. God forbid if she falls ill, the housework comes to an absolute standstill with noone in the family owning up to handle the unfinished business. It is indeed a very shameful state of affairs.

But, like every coin has another side this situation too can be changed. And to make a teeny weeny contribution from my end “I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.” and I would be sharing my views on the same.

1. Tackling the issue from its root – In India, it is understood that women are only  supposed to do all the housework and should not even expect the men to lend a hand which is the result of improper conditioning. From a very  tender age itself boys should be involved in small chores. Once this is effectively done, your child will never have an issue to conduct these tasks in future.

2. Proper communication – alot of times it is seen that men consider themselves superior to the womenfolk and working at home becomes a major ego issue. If we go that extra mile and patiently explain it to our sons then, I am sure this inequality will soon become a thing of the past.

3. Assigning tasks in a fun way – instilling a value in the gen next is not a very easy thing as they seem to be a very curious lot. So, getting them into a habit of helping around the house in a fun manner will be the best way to inculcate the same in them.  For example – you could challenge your son to see who tidies up their room first or you could divide the dishes and race him to clean them.

4. Asking for help – we women have been taught to bear the brunt of everything alone. I say cut through these ideologies and request your son to help if you dont feel upto it. Just try it once and see how it works wonders. Alot of times the other family members are more than willing to help but, it is our hesitation which comes in the way.

5. Take turns – work out a calender wherein every member of the house takes care of one chore one week and keep rotating it so that it doesn’t become monotonous. This way the husband and the son also get to try their hands at various things in the house. You never know they might just start developing a liking to a particular activity.

On the flipside, nowadays there are indeed many men who willingly and actively contribute to the home errands as well. If this is the case with you then do not forget to appreciate it and say a small thank you and be rest assured this small gesture will not be forgotten.









The Top 5 Discoveries of a New Mommy


It was mother’s day ( to be precise my first mother’s day ) and my excitement knew no bounds. Earlier my happiest day used to be my birthday for which I used to wait eagerly. Then, as i started growing older a few more important dates got added to the list like my wedding anniversary, my baby’s birthday etc but, let me tell you one thing. The happiness of being a mother totally supersedes everything and mother’s day is like a title which you earned after all that hard work.

My baby will complete 6 months in a few days and the journey till now has been an amazing one. But, the initial days were a bit of a shocker to me as I was like any new mommy unaware and sometimes terrified of what lay ahead of me. Just imagine a newborn having the ability to bring down a sane ( atleast that is what I feel about myself ) and healthy adult. 😂 😂

So, brace yourselves for all the things that shook me to my wits when I became a mommy.

Number 1

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the 13th of December when I gave birth to this squishy little boy. The day passed well with my entire family by my side and my little one posing for the camera and sleeping like an angel. I was thinking to myself ” wow motherhood is not that tough”. Then came the night and he showed me his true colors. There was wailing, incessant and inconsolable crying till the wee hours of dawn and this repeated for the next 3 days. On the 4th day when I got on my feet, I looked at the mirror and told myself ” Reva, welcome to motherhood “.

Number 2

When you watch a lot of bollywood movies you tend to be misguided. In movies, the child is shown sleeping peacefully with its mother throughout the night without getting disturbed inspite of all the chaos in the family. I obviously thought of it to be the same here as well. Surprise surprise ! ! ! Even the slightest of the sounds would leave a wide eyed baby in the middle of the night.

Number 3

Becoming a mom automatically improves your ability to conduct the most minuscule tasks with utmost perfection. Armed with a nail clipper in my hand every single week waiting for one correct moment to clip his ever growing nails was a humongous task in itself. No one warned me about this !!!

Number 4

Will keep this short. By the end of the third month I could relate myself to a dhobi ( laundry ) guy and could feel their pain too considering the amount of urine and poop clothes I have washed.

Number 5

Bath, food and grooming are luxuries now. Gone are those days when I used to look down upon these basic necessities.

All in all raising a child is serious business. Hats off to our previous generations who have successfully raised 5 to 10 children. But, despite all this you know what is the silver lining? That wide mouthed, toothless smile that I get every day. I would trade anything  (be it food, sleep, grooming etc) to see those twinkly eyes, that super cute smile and those coos and gurgles. Every day I learn something new about my baby. Truly, motherhood has been the most precious and the most cherished experience of my entire lifetime.

An Open Hearted Letter to the Daddy !!!


DAD…. A son’s first hero…. A daughter’s first love !!!!

Wow !!! So we “both” are parents now. This was the first thought that occurred to me when I came to my sane state of mind (which by the way took a veryyy long time :)) after returning home from the hospital.

It often happens that after a child is born everyone’s attention inevitably shifts to the new mommy and the baby. It is only justified as both of them have gone through humongous changes physically but, a lot of times in that process, the daddy gets sidelined. A lady has surely gone through the highs and lows of pregnancy which is openly visible but, the daddy has gone through them emotionally which unfortunately is conveniently brushed aside. Like in my case, whenever I had a tantrum filled day who was my punching bag ? I am sure you guessed that at the first go :). I didn’t see how was his day… Did he too go through something horrible at work  and was just waiting to get home to unwind and talk to me while I was fuming like a volcano waiting to erupt.

A father is an equally important person in a child’s life as the mother. There cant be and there shouldn’t be any distinction in the same.Yes, a mother’s job multiplies in the nurturing of the child but, the dad is also doing the same in his own subtle ways. From the past few decades, men are also getting more and more involved in taking the responsibilities of their children. And here, I am not only talking about being the bread winner of the family.

Let us not discount the fact that the daddies are the ones who have given the mommies the endless back and foot massages to ease their pain. They have stayed away from their wives for months together missing all the moments of her pregnancy and going through a tough time just to ensure that their better half and their unborn child is taken good care of by the more experienced people of the family. They are the ones who have ran helter skelter to fulfill those late night, early morning  food cravings (don’t even get me started on the oddity of the hours to have food cravings :)). I am sure every woman who has been pregnant or has known a pregnant lady has heard at least one story of their weirdest food craving which by the way has been (under any circumstance) fulfilled by their hubby.

I realized this and keep doing that daily when I see the twinkle in my hubby’s eyes when he plays with our baby. The glint of happiness that I see in him when he just looks at our baby is a sure shot proof of how much he loves him.

Sometimes, we womenfolk being the more obsessively worrying type (this comes to us naturally right? :)) single handedly take up all the responsibilities of the child and assume that only we understand their needs but, for once just try and entrust the baby to your husband and see the wonders that take place. This way you too get a break and some me time and the daddy develops his confidence in handling the kid.

On that note, let us start giving some credit to the daddies as well for their countless sacrifices. This letter is a dedication to my hubby (the new daddy), my dad and all the daddies who are also doing a fabulous job along with their spouses. A heartfelt thanks for looking after the children and for just being there.



The Ill Fated C Section

c section

“Revati, its a boy !!!” Said my gynecologist on 13th Dec 2015 at 9:12 am. I lay there anxiously on the operating table waiting to see my cute little cherub. Yes, you read it correct – the operating table, which means that I went through a C section. The word itself brings jitters to many women but, in reality it is a completely painless experience (that is my way of looking at it).

Unfortunately, C section which is nowadays a preferred birthing method is still looked down upon. Expecting mommies and their families are becoming increasingly aware of the pros and cons of the procedure and are taking an informed decision to have a C section. Again, the reasons influencing the same are innumerable and surely does vary from person to person.

But, one thing that I can vouch for is that if you ever happen to mention a C section to anybody (let me put it more precisely) a lot of the womenfolk of the previous gen you will always and mind you, always get a wide mouthed, gaping response accompanied by a twitched eyebrow. Its like the most heinous crime that you could have ever committed. You may have a dozens of reasons  to justify yourself but, none of them will change that expression on their faces. And how do you expect that to change !!!! You have failed the first step itself of being a good mother by not having a normal delivery.

Even in today’s ever changing rapidly westernizing society, women are given all kinds of tips, advice and how did I forget all the tried and tested “nuskas” to deliver normally. Examples (this is the part that I love :p) – bend whenever you get a chance or create a situation where you need to bend time and again, sweep and mop the floor (sure why not… with a stomach literally bulging out of my body I would do that), consume certain food items, and the best one say your prayers and tell god to bless you with a normal delivery 🙂 . By this time you would be thinking that I am on an anti – normal delivery spree. I too agree that it is a good way to give birth for all the positives associated with it especially for your body to bounce back to “normal” earlier as the name suggests. But, sometimes you just cant take everything in your hands. Moreover, in today’s time it is more of a matter of choice.

All the expecting mommies please don’t bother yourselves with such petty issues and instead of concentrating on these aspects focus on the main event which is the arrival of a new born in the family. Yes, continue with your exercise, eat healthy, take oodles of rest which may facilitate a normal delivery but, do not contribute in messing up your hormones which I am sure are already all over the place with such pointless thoughts. I too was scared when my doctor told me that I had to undergo a C section but, all that vanished in thin air when I saw my baby, the center of my universe 🙂



Preparing For The Big Day !!!



“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.” – Osho

Here I am in the last few weeks of my pregnancy waiting with oodles of anxiety to welcome my little bundle of joy. At times I feel that these 9 months flew by in a jiffy and at times I feel like it has been an eternity. Either ways I know that it is only a matter of time now.

To sum up, these 9 months have helped me endure everything like the physical implications – morning sickness, weight gain, leg and back cramps and the emotional turmoil – mood swings, yelling, irritation (keeping the list short as I do not want to scare you with the rest of it). But, all in all it has been a wonderful journey.

It has already dawned on me that I am very close to the D-Day so I have started doing my bit of preparations for the same. I wanted to share a few pointers with everyone who is sailing in the same boat as me which might just make things a tad bit easier for you.

Mental Preparation – According to me, the most important aspect. Labor is a herculean task and being mentally prepared is of utmost importance. Here I also know that no amount of readiness is going to be enough as I myself do not know how huge it is going to be. But, I have started my bit of research on the whole process. I would like to give a word of caution. Please do not indulge yourselves with too many labor stories from different women especially that pesky next door aunty who loves to exaggerate as these stories often turn out to become “horror stories”. The last thing that you want to do is to stress yourself too much and complicate the experience.  Every woman’s labor is different.

C Section / Normal Delivery – Unfortunately one of the most common reasons of worry for a lot of women. Once again please chuck all the free advice with respect to this. As always I have a few to share with you :). Examples of Free advice – walk 10 kms daily and you will have a normal delivery for sure; eat so and so food item and normal delivery is a guarantee; keep talking to the baby and tell him / her that you want a normal delivery; do not take epidural under any circumstance.. even if you are dying of pain as it induces a C section. Honestly, I too agree that a normal delivery is much better and much preferred but, nowadays we have amazingly equipped hospitals and very well trained doctors to handle even the toughest situations.

Hospital Bag – The last and the final pointer is your hospital bag. Do keep this ready and handy in the 9th month itself to avoid last minute rush (you may not even have the time or the energy for it). I have a list ready for the same which I am sharing. Experienced mommies please feel free to add on to this list as I too am a rookie and may surely miss out on something.


All documents (if you are insured), papers and hospital reports.

Nursing gowns


Baby clothes (if the hospital does not provide the same)

Toiletries – Tooth brush, paste, soap, body lotions, comb (anything else that you use on a regular basis)

Sanitary Napkins

Lastly, sit back and enjoy and take ample amount of rest in these last few weeks as one thing is for sure – your life is never again going to be the same after this.


The Sound of Music

sound of music

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley

Gone are the days when academics and merit were the only important aspects in a child’s life. In today’s era, there is a lot of emphasis on other activities as well like music, dance, sports, reading, writing, art, drama etc. Schools and colleges have taken this responsibility on themselves to hone a child’s entire personality by encouraging them to participate in activities pertaining to their interest. The options are varied and the opportunities are abundant.

There is a very famous and an inspiring Hindi movie called “Taare Zameen Par” with the tagline “Every Child is Special.” Every child indeed has been blessed with some or the other talent and identifying them solely lies in the hands of the parents. At a very tender age itself children start displaying an affinity towards certain interests. For example – if your child always keeps drawing, cannot put down that box of crayons and your walls are a living proof to that, then you could surely think of enrolling him into a drawing class. Honing their creative abilities can be the best gift that you could give your child as they will thank you for the rest of their lives.
Nowadays, there are ample avenues for children to showcase their talents. Right from inter school and inter college competitions to reality shows, radio shows etc. Music is an integral part of our life. Especially in India, music is placed at the highest pedestal of worship. A child is exposed to music in the mother’s womb itself – her prayers, her chants, her lullabies are all a form of music. Nurturing this talent later on becomes a very important aspect for the child to excel in it. I would like to state my own example here. My mother is a very beautiful singer and in turn I too am blessed with this talent. At an early age of 3, my parents realized my inclination towards music and enrolled me for music classes and encouraged me to participate in inter school and inter college competitions sometimes, even by going that extra mile to come with me at the various competition venues. This kind of an out an out encouragement surely develops the child’s confidence to step out of their comfort zone and put across his talent.
Dealing with Failure
-> Here comes the trickiest part. The child is pepped and prepped up for the competition and obviously wants to bag that trophy but, unfortunately it doesn’t happen. It has been observed a lot of times that the parents themselves get emotional and start giving up. This is not going to help your child. Yes, every parent wants to see their child as a winner but, this is the most important time when we should further motivate the child and make them understand that though winning is important, it is not the end. Participation also takes a lot of courage.
-> If it is possible you could request the jury to elaborate on the areas of improvement and this should be done in front of the child so that he exactly knows his shortcomings.
-> Unwanted pressure and extremely high standards should not be set for the child. The child should be given enough space and time to improvise.
Striking a Balance
Yes, all said and done academics will always remain the most important aspect of our life but, we also need to create a healthy balance between studies and development of the child’s musical abilities.
-> Enrolling the child in a music class itself becomes the first step in setting up a routine as by doing this, the child will be practicing singing at least 3-4 times a week.
-> Setting aside a few hours every week where the parents also sit with the child and practice is one of the best ways to nurture his talent and it also becomes a fun family activity.
It is rightly said that music has no boundaries so, enjoy this beautiful musical journey with your child for a lifetime.

Ohh!! Pretty me :)



ohh pretty me


If you have never believed in miracles then you must surely meet a pregnant woman. There can be no bigger miracle for her than the life growing inside of her. If you go to think it indeed is something which doesn’t have a plausible explanation. How a tiny egg matures into a fully grown human and that too in another person’s body. Wowwww… I am already running out of words 🙂 🙂

Having entered the last trimester of my pregnancy, I can vouch for this fact thus,  “I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the #YummyMummyblogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.” It seems just like yesterday when my doctor confirmed the news of us going to have an angel in our lives. The journey began with a lot of nervousness and apprehension but, time has surely been a helping factor in preparing us to welcome our little bundle of joy 🙂

Another miracle here, is how a woman’s body is prepared by nature to conceive, nurture, nourish and finally give birth to a human being to see the light of the world. 7 months back I was a person who had a super active lifestyle with all sorts of “diets” and an “exhaustive” workout schedule to keep myself fit and in shape. Then came the news and the following bouts of nausea and weakness and other associated pregnancy problems. My workout went for a toss and so did the diets. I knew I had to gain at least 10 kgs (as advised by my doc and family members). That further scared me to my wits because gaining has never been an issue for me but, losing surely is a major concern. Somehow I kept aside all these worries for later and started embracing my ever changing body.

I did not witness any noticeable changes during the initial months except for weakness and fatigue. At the onset of the second trimester, I started feeling like the old me (with a small, cute bump). I started with a little bit exercise like walking and instantly felt that rush of happiness and vigor in me. Then came the major bodily changes – my bump getting bigger and all my clothes getting smaller 🙂 This only brought a smile to my face and I had this most talked about “Pregnancy Glow” on my face. Strangers too seemed to be happy for me as I used to get these broad smiles (which I once used to give pregnant women) everywhere I went. By far, I feel that this is the cutest part.

So, once again my last few ending lines as usual with a little advice for all the moms to be. The moment you start feeling better, that is the exact time when you can start with small activities like walking and a few less stressful household chores to keep you going. And most of all, do try and embrace the beauty of your changing body (how much ever hard it is) as this will only be a one time or a two time experience for you (unless you plan for a cricket team :p :p). Click a lot of pictures and selfies and videos as your baby will also be amazed and excited to get a live feed of your pregnancy (as I have planned for my baby).

Kick Me Baby One More Time :)

The best phase of pregnancy is the time when you feel your baby “kicking” inside you. These so called Kicks are actually movements that the foetus performs inside the womb. I started feeling them in the sixth month of my pregnancy. After literally chewing my doctor’s brains with questions ranging from “when will the baby start kicking”, “why am I still not feeling the kicks”, “my cousin is just a few weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy but she has already started feeling them in full swing” to absolutely unnecessary mental thoughts and analysis like “does it mean that my baby is not a very active one”, “I hope I am doing everything right for its nourishment” etc. I finally felt that much awaited Kick.

It is an indescribable feeling  of happiness. It feels like small flutters inside your tummy and at times they are really strong like someone is jabbing you from inside (and they are not painful at all. Just to answer your next question). For me, it was like these small reminders that “mommy I am here. Pay attention to me, talk to me, free up your time and spend it with me”. It is a very cute thing. Somewhere in my heart I was relieved as well because the lingering doubts in my mind could be finally put to rest once and for all 🙂 Then came the time to make hubby feel them. He too was thrilled and excited. For a mother, it is obviously an exhilarating moment as she is carrying the life within her and these movements are the strongest validation of the same. But, for the father who physically cannot go through anything that mommy does (even if they wished for it) and can only empathize with these humongous changes, the kind of happiness that they experience is something to look out for. I only look at my hubby’s face and try to read every expression of his when he experiences the movements and his face does light up irrespective of all his stress and tiredness. One request to all of the mommies to be. Please involve the daddies also as much as you can during these moments. It not only helps them get connected to the baby but, it also helps both of you strengthen your bond with each other 🙂 🙂 because lets not forget one thing – you are in this as a couple.

Let me also tell you or rather warn you that the minute you start feeling them, it is like an addiction. You cant get enough of it and you will want more and more. Honestly, I started feeling that intense bond with my baby after this only. Till then you get a lot of “Free ka advice” (as I like to term it) where you are asked to talk to your baby and have conversations with it which I practically found impossible to do. Please do not feel ashamed of yourselves if this happens as it is a very natural emotion and having gone through it I can assure you that as your pregnancy progresses, it will be easier for you to connect with your baby.

I guess this is the only time when I will be so excited about someone kicking me that I am writing a blog post to describe it 🙂 🙂mycity